S & L Health & Wellness was a concept thought up after years of struggle and pain that has only metamorphosed into the beautiful reality of “This too shall pass” and“Every cloud definitely has that silver lining”.



Needless to say, the beginning of this year until now as we speak, all of us or each of us has gone through some sort of stress and trauma related to isolation, affliction of COVID-19, separation anxiety or even just plain depression and heightened anxiety. All of this is so common when it comes to unprecedented, unexpected events in our lives. It simply creates confusion, lack of faith and a very unsettling feeling.

As I said in my previous blog, the need for family and support in the form of family and friends plays and surely played such a big role during this time!

As this all started off, I wasn’t in the best of places myself. Mentally speaking. It was all a concoction of fear, uncertainty and this impending sense of doom. Clearly, I was depressed, anxious and just crawled into a shell of my own. Separation anxiety did set in as well, as I was to travel to see my parents which I do every quarter and couldn’t this time! The only reason my anxiety was so heightened at that point was because I knew for a fact that I couldn’t get on a plane and be there in 4 hours to see my parents if they needed me urgently! So that troubled me the most.

Does anyone relate to this?

Be that as it all may, there was still some leeway to walk in and around the apartment block complex and it did help to clear my mind a whole lot at times. Then came the total lockdown. It sure did my head in!

But why is Isolation so difficult for humans to withstand?

One of the reasons that living in isolation is difficult is because humans are social creatures. By design, we are created to engage in a community and interact. Take that away for a day or two- we adapt. Take that away for months- we struggle!

Loneliness can be damaging to both our mental and physical health. Socially isolated people are less able to deal with stressful situations. My husband was with me all through this period of time, and that was my saving grace. Yet, I still felt this deep-set fear, at times, more prominent than other days. My attention was divided most of the times as my thoughts would only navigate towards the negative!

It is proven that isolation and loneliness also make a person more susceptible to illness and can lower your immunity as well. I agree that desperate times call for desperate measures, such as the current ones, worldwide. However, for an extended period of time, it may prove harmful.

You know, just made me think- How would those poor caged animals feel? In my own world of thoughts at times, I feel they probably exhibit symptoms of PTSD as well! Do you reckon?

The world is now slowly opening up and restrictions are being eased in general. Speaking for myself, I would step out of Total lockdown for almost 3 months, into the outside world, in a week from today which would be the 31st May, and am not so sure how I would deal with it? What is it going to be like? Am I overthinking this? All these questions and more I keep asking myself every day. Its like being set free from captivity when it wasn’t even close to that!! We are so blessed to have the basic needs of life and yet, just a few months of isolation can take such a toll on us! Human beings, eh? So strong, yet so fragile!

The things we take for granted in life! Small moments like just crossing the road to get to the other side. Getting into your car and battling traffic. A warm Hello to your colleagues every time you get to work. The coffee vending machine. The long walk just to get to where you grumbled to park. The uncomfortable queue for Immigration and Passport control. All of these insignificant things, have now taught us how significant they are when taken away from us! Life simply becomes a routine when unchallenged. It is well, “Blah, just another day!”

This experience has taught me to cherish all that I have, and all that I do not as well. It has made me more vigilant and appreciative of the smaller things. The mundane. The everyday. The dust. The grim. The rain. The sunshine.

How have your experiences been during these trying times? Where did your thoughts lead you to? Have you been away from family? Did you finally reconnect?

I’d love to know more if you would like to share.

I wish everyone LIFE. I mean the very essence of it. I wish you the grandeur and glory that life brings us, even in adversity. And, I wish you love, peace, joy and many moments to make and cherish!

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