S & L Health & Wellness was a concept thought up after years of struggle and pain that has only metamorphosed into the beautiful reality of “This too shall pass” and“Every cloud definitely has that silver lining”.

My Story

The Beginning

It all started with a 209 pound woman bearing all that weight on her knees spending countless days being bullied and mocked right as a high school kid riding the bus to school and having the words “Here comes Mike Tyson” and “Give her space to get through” along with peals of laughter resonate through her head and fragile heart. We can’t expect all to be emotionally sensitive, I guess! Nonetheless- Years of bully marked the beginning of the scars I collected.

Years after and several encounters later with weight loss efforts, I began to stop feeling sorry for myself, and had to put an end to the indulgent endless pity parties! I had to do something about it!!

All roads lead to this place they called a Gym (was pretty alien to me then!) and hadn’t ever stepped foot into one until I did!

I started this brutal programme- you know an egg for breakfast, a cucumber for dinner kind of brutality coupled with endless hours of cardio! Well, that allowed me to lose almost 66 pounds in about 4 months. Terribly unhealthy I can tell at this point in time, but all what I desperately wanted at that point in time!!

I went from fat to fit (or atleast I thought I was!).

My confidence started coming back very gradually, clothes started fitting better and all that mattered to me was being socially accepted as that I thought was the hallmark of existence! All credit and thanks to the bullying which made me feel so unacceptably ugly! Years went by and my knowledge in nutrition and fitness increased and I made it my life’s mission to never go back to 95 ever again! Settled down, got married and everything I hoped for was getting there gradually until……. I got pregnant!

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To help you, to listen to you and to offer you all I can based on my personal life experiences, to help you heal from those scars no one ever apologised for or to even just talk about any relevant experiences, please schedule your most favourable time and I’ll be there!

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