S & L Health & Wellness was a concept thought up after years of struggle and pain that has only metamorphosed into the beautiful reality of “This too shall pass” and“Every cloud definitely has that silver lining”.



So, for many years, being raised in a Catholic household and having watched my parents’ manoeuvre and steer themselves through life’s ups and downs, I have this undying admiration for the values they instilled in me, along with the religious aspects and everything about it! I remember my Mama drawing a little cross on my forehead each time I left for school and would have my sister and myself join our hands to receive hers and dads’ blessings. 42 years later, to date, we still do it every time before we step out of the house, or before we head to retire for the night, whenever we are there to visit them! It’s like clockwork and simply gets inbuilt into your system! At the same time, we were encouraged to partake in every other religious festival at school or within the community. We had and still do have friends from every walk of life. Never once do I remember being barred from attending a Diwali celebration or dining with my closest friends during the Holy month of Ramadan and Eid! We looked forward to every single bit of it in unison and harmony with the rest. I thank my parents every day of my life for inculcating in us the love and empathy we possess today as adults. Every person has his/her own beliefs and that to them is- their truth, their God, their devotion. No one can and should ever knock that.

I have come across some pretty sanctimonious holier-than-thou individuals in my life, who made me feel little or shall we say- not enough! There were a few who would claim to be the ever-religious and self-righteous and that no one else was good enough! The nature of my adversities had them pointing all their fingers at me! Oh, and by the way- sitting right before the altar and striking your breast a hundred times doesn’t make you any better from the other!! Religion was being radicalised right before my eyes and I had not a clue as to why?

I have had a number of trials and many tribulations that have afflicted me. Many can and will relate to that. That is life, isn’t it? When has it ever been easy for anyone? Yes, adversity has got me closer to my spiritual and moral beliefs. I do not for once regret any of it. I live my life unapologetically. All I know is that the human inside of me would try my very best never to HURT another. However, the human inside of me again, is HUMAN. I am made to err. I am made to be imperfect. I am made to fall and stand up again! Do not judge someone because they sin differently than you! You may want to ride that high horse of morality all day long, and that’s completely alright with me. Just ensure you don’t belittle someone else for their beliefs and reasons to draw peace.

It is numbing to see humans waging wars against each other in the name of religion and beliefs! At the end of the day, are you happy? Are you at peace with yourself and your life? Have you achieved the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction you wanted to? Are you a good human being? Are you an empath? Do you show kindness and compassion where warranted? Do you look down on another?

I guess these are some or all the questions I once asked myself during long moments of introspection! All I aim to be each day of my life is a better version of myself. I am not perfect. I am not the all-knowing. I am just someone who wakes up every morning simply to be alive. Simply to thank the creator for all I am, all I have and all I will ever be.

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